Physical Health

Do you even lift bro?

Strong mind in a strong body.  We have to build the house foundation for the complete man.

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Look, workouts and diets come and go.  The media out to be ashamed of the constant barrage of images for fit for both men and women.  But you know what?  It sells product.  Here’s some mind blowing numbers for you:

The weight loss industry is brings in north of $60B in the US every year.

Close to $22B is spent on health club and gym memberships each year.  About 60 million Americans purchase a gym membership yet 67% of us never use them.  You read that right, never.  The average gym membership costs $53 per month of which $39 goes to waste in the form of underutilization.  It’s crazy.

We will spend $21B on supplements this year in America.  This accounts for 5% of grocery store sales.

Having a strong body is critical.  I am north of 50 and virtually every guy I know who is close to my age looks 10 years older than me.  Many guys who are 40 look 10 years older than me.  Yes I have some gene assistance but the reality of it is I have worked out and exercised regularly since I was 19.  30 years of consistent effort will help a lot.  Knock on wood the only part of my body that doesn’t play well sometimes is my knees.  But guess what, I still squat.  Hey, I didn’t say I was the smartest guy in the room.

We will discuss topics, trends, tools that are relative to physical health here.  Things such as workouts, equipment, diets, cooking, etc.  Pushing weights and working out is critical but I would argue that diet is just as important.  I’ve heard some bodybuilders will tell you that diet is actually closer to 60% of the equation.  Either way, it all works together to build a strong foundation.

One thing I want to make very clear is to me there is a HUGE difference between what you see in a magazine and strength.  What you see in a magazine is esthetically pleasing but not necessarily strong.  It can be both but that picture of the model in his Calvin Kleins is there to sell underwear because he looks sexy.  It’s not because he is strong.  My emphasis is on being strong and healthy.  Not necessarily the kind of strong that can bench 350 lbs,, although thats cool if you can, but more on the being able to take care of the things you need to in your life without having constant back problems or a belly than hangs over your belt.  Strong and Healthy.

I am very interested to hear your thoughts and receive your advice as well so please share.

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